Digitalization in MT Processes

Supporting fresh graduates who get a start in business, helping them to clarify the career path they will choose, following their career developments is very useful for employers to reach a qualified workforce and talent acquisition.

Digitalization in MT Processes

At this point, assessing the personality traits, values, and competencies of young people, whose career goals are to be able to use their talents and innovative aspects, plays an important role in guiding their talents easily and healthily. Recently, companies care about training the personnel to be recruited in accordance with their own corporate cultures. In this case, companies both bring in young talents and invest in the future. Talent acquisition and leadership training programs, which have been increasing recently, support newly graduated young people in the way of developing their knowledge, skills, and abilities as potential managers or leaders who increase the success of the company with high performance.
It is difficult to provide equal opportunity to the candidate in these programs, in which many students have not discovered their talents and have not been able to clarify their decisions yet. The use of systems where all stages are gathered on a single platform in order to conduct this challenging process integrative and healthy makes things easier. Providing digital tools such as tests, exams, personality inventories and video interviews used for the multi-perspective assessment of the candidate makes the processes faster and more objective.

What does digitalization in the MT program provide you?
• Provides candidates with equal opportunities,
• Many candidates can be assessed in a short time,
• A fair recruitment method,
• Strengthens the employer brand,
• Provides more decision support arguments for assessments.

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