Gamified Aptitude Test

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What is Gamified Aptitude Test?

Gamified Aptitude Test is a recruitment tool designed to make candidate experience more enjoyable by bringing classic general aptitude tests into the competition environment.
The usual general aptitude tests were combined with gamification developed to adapt the generation Y, which is at the center of work life, and the generation Z, which will take a new step to work life, with higher motivation to recruitment processes. With Gamified Aptitude, which covers three dimensions of general aptitude, you can measure your candidates' analytical and verbal skills as well as abstract reasoning skills.

Why HRPeak Gamified Aptitude Test

Let your candidates have fun with Gamified Aptitude, Let increase your brand value!

With the Gamified Aptitude Test, you can reduce the stress factors that are exposed in the evaluation processes and offer your candidates a more amusing recruitment process.
You can increase your value as a sought and preferred brand among the professionals of the business world thanks to the processes that you create with the candidate focus.

Gamified Aptitude Test Features

More Fun in Recruitment Process

Can be solved online and compatible with mobile devices.

Different response times for each question can be determined by the company.

With the voiceover feature, questions and options can be heard simultaneously.

Three jokers which are "Change the Question", "Use Additional Time", "Eliminate the Wrong Option" can be used during the game.

General and company distributions of the results of gamified aptitude can be viewed instantly.

How Does Gamified Aptitude Test Work

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