HRPeak Assessment Center

Online Assessment Center

With the HRPeak Online Assessment Center tools, you can digitize all recruitment and asessment processes from start to finish, asses more candidates in less time and more objectively, which will result in time and cost saving in all of your human resources processes, thanks to the system's ability to integrate multiple tools.

Virtual Assessment Center

With HRPeak Virtual Assessment Center tools, you can make your recruitment and assessment processes faster, more practical, easily accessible, and cost-effective. Virtual Assessment tools which are Online Role Play, Online Case Study, Online Presentation, Online Project provides you with to assessment of many competencies of your candidates and offer your candidates comprehensive and unique assessment processes.


By displaying the colorful designs of the game world and advantages of the competition environment, you can help the Z generation, which has a large presence in today's candidate spectrum, to adapt to the processes more rapidly, and you can offer them a pleasant candidate experience. HRPeak, which has Gamified General Aptitude and Gamified General Culture modules, continues to develop many applications that integrate gamification with the human resource process.

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