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There is no installation time in HRPeak. HRPeak is a cloud-based system and integrations are made through APIs. The system can be used immediately after purchase.

The stored data belong to the company itself. Companies cannot see each other's data, however the candidates can voluntarily share their resume information with another HRPeak customer.

HRPeak is available in English and Turkish. Support languages are also English and Turkish.

Tests in the HRPeak Assessment Library can be solved in English and Turkish.

All of them are proprietary to HRPeak.

Unfortunately, HRPeak system and tools are not suitable for individual use of candidates. It is suitable for the use of SMEs if they meet the lower limit requirements in package purchase.

Although up to 70% savings is achieved, this ratio varies according to the needs and the usage of the organizations.

HRPeak is a system built on its own ATS. Companies can perform recruitment processes such as applications and interview stages here. (ATS requires a separate purchase.)

You can access to the detailed information about Personality Item Test -PiT- at www.personalityitemtest.com

HRPeak’s Online Assessment Center applications and tools are prepaid packages. ATS is paid monthly or annually.

The number of employees of a company is taken as a basis. There is no user limit in ATS.

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