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What is HRPeak Language Test?

HRPeak Language Test provides you have an idea about the language competence of your candidates within a certain period of time and with four dimensions as grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening.
With the HRPeak Language Test, you can carry out effective recruitment by determining whether your candidates' language proficiency levels are appropriate to your needs for the position.

Why HRPeak Language Test

Assess Your Candidates' Proficiency in 9 Different Languages!

With HRPeak Language Tests, you can assess candidates' language proficiency in 9 different languages: German, Arabic, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and Turkish.

You can assess the language proficiency of your candidates in accordance with international standards and select the most suitable candidate for the position based on the results.

Language Tests Features

The questions are randomly selected via the "HRPeak Language Question Bank", thus the probability of spreading and repeating of the questions reduces.

The security check can be provided by determining the number of people in front of the camera with the photos and videos taken at certain intervals during the tests/exams.

With live support, immediate technical support can be provided to your candidates throughout the process.

All exam results and candidate answers are reflected in the system instantly and thus, you can evaluate your applicants collectively.

How Does HRPeak Language Test Work


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