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What is HRPeak Survey?

HRPeak Survey is an online assessment tool that is used as both a recruiting tool and an in-house data collecting tool to forecast and mitigate the risks that might occur.
With the HRPeak Survey, you can monitor real-time developments, analyze the situation's requirements interactively with your employees, and take action based on this information.
With the Job Application, Probationary Period, Recruitment Satisfaction, and Exit surveys offered in the HRPeak Library, you can better include your candidates and employees in your processes.

Why HRPeak Survey

Enrich your surveys, diversify your data!

You may add fields such as single line text, multi-line text, yes/no, checkbox, single selection, multiple
selection, date, numerical, line separation, and file upload to your surveys to diversify them.

You may improve the effectiveness of your surveys by including features such as adding photos to
questions, conditions, and a conclusion form.

Survey Features

With the survey, you may get a better understanding of your candidates and employees.

The survey is administered online, and the evaluator may monitor, assess, and finish it using the system.

Personal information of your candidates is stored in the system in accordance with GDPR / KVKK.

With Live Support, rapid technical support to the candidates throughout the process is provided.

How to use HRPeak Survey

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