Smart Video Interview

The industry's first smart video interview application

What is Smart Video Interview - HRWin?

HRWin is a “one-way” video interview application that eliminates the limits in recruitment processes and saves users time and cost. It digitalizes the interviewing processes of the recruitment either face-to-face or by telephone. HRWin gives candidates time and space flexibility and all they need to start the process is an internet connection and a camera-enabled computer.

In addition to your company’s questions, we provide you more than 200 to choose from our assessments on English, competency-based interviews, position-specific technical tests, and Personality Items Test – PiT from the candidate’s personality inventory report. We make your interview experience easier, richer, and enjoyable!

Why Smart Video Interview - HRWin

Eliminate the Limits with HRWin!

With HRWin, a smart video interview application, you can save time and cost by eliminating time and space dependence during the first stage of recruitment processes and you can select the most suitable candidates for your positions as soon as possible.
Using the Smart Video Interview HRWin, one of the HRPeak Online Assessment Center tools, increase your brand value by capturing the standards of digitalized HR in your processes.

Smart Video Interview Features

New Era in Video Interview!

Choose from any of our questions from the English test, general aptitude test, competency-based interview, position-specific technical tests, and Personality Inventory - PiT.
No more stress on figuring out what to ask during an interview.

Watch video interview recordings with a high level of audio and video quality.

Our system supports all alphabets, you can create interviews from English and Turkish questions.

No application or software installation necessary.

Through our live support, your candidates can receive immediate technical support.

100% compatible with mobile. Candidates can start the video interview process with the camera by clicking on the link in the SMS or e-mail.

Personal information of the candidates and the photographs taken during the interview are kept in the system in accordance with GDPR.

How Does Smart Video Interview - HRWin Work







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