Personality Inventory - PiT

The First Inventory That Combines Personality Factors and Personal Values

What is Personality Item Test - PiT?

Personality Item Test – PiT is the first personality inventory that enables multi-dimensional evaluations in your processes by understanding the personality traits of your candidates and combining them with personality factors and personal values. PiT, which is an HRTech product, can eliminate the limits in HR Analytics tools.
PiT is an HRPeak Online Assessment Center tool that can be used in all human resources processes such as talent acquisition, career management, and organizational development.

Why Personality Item Test - PiT

Get to Know Your Candidates Closer with PiT!

With Personality Item Test, a company can identify candidates with the relevant personality traits for the position and potential competencies. PiT will help to save time and decrease the cost of your evaluation processes, increase recruitment rates, choose the right candidates for the most suitable positions and contribute to their career development.

Personality Inventory - PiT Features

Find the most suitable candidates for your positions!

Data sets of PiT reports are stored and can be processed by machine learning algorithms. Organizations use data provided in their data analytics needs and for insight generation. For example; data on recruitment habits, promotion tendencies, and personality characteristics of employees who leave jobs can be converted into meaningful data preventing churn and increasing employee satisfaction thus saving valuable employees.

It is completed online and the reports are instant. Results can be displayed and redirected to the desired departments from the admin panel.

PiT represents; Summary Report, Prominent Characteristics, Potential Improvement Points, Shadow Areas, Potential Competency Report, Training Needs Analysis, Value Report, Effective Management, Coaching Tips, Interview Tips, and finally an Extended Report that combines all the reports.

It gives information about; Personality Factors, Self-Perception Profile, Value Profile, Potential Competencies, Position Fit, Consistency.

Each company can define its own positions. Corporate culture and competencies can be reflected in personality inventories at no additional cost.

Candidates' personal information is stored in the system in accordance with GDPR / KVKK. The legal and technological requirements are taken into consideration.

Personality Item Test - PiT can be safely solved in English, German, Turkish, Russian and Arabic.

How Does Personality Item Test - PiT Work







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