IT and Technical Knowledge Tests

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What are IT and Technical Knowledge Tests?

With HRPeak IT and Technical Knowledge Tests, you can measure the technical knowledge level of your candidates in their fields; find the most suitable candidates with the lowest costs in the recruitment processes for many positions such as software, informatics, and programming.
In the assessment process, you can measure the technical knowledge levels of your candidates in areas such as programming language, Basic IT, and Excel, and you can also get an idea of how much the candidate follows the innovations, trends, and technological developments in the world.

Why IT and Technical Knowledge Tests

Measure Technical Qualifications, Choose The Most Suitable Candidate!

In the recruitment processes for your positions where technical knowledge and skills are at the forefront, you can assess your candidates with HRPeak Why IT and Technical Knowledge Tests and save time and cost by selecting suitable candidates in a shorter time.

IT and Technical Knowledge Tests Features

In C# and SQL tests based on code writing capability, the difficulty level of the next question is determined according to the accuracy of the candidate's answer.

Can be solved online and also are compatible with mobile devices.

Security checks can be provided by determining the number of people in front of the camera over photos and videos taken at regular intervals during the tests.

With live support, immediate technical support can be provided to your candidates throughout the process.

General dispersion and the company's dispersion of the test results can be viewed instantly.

How Do IT and Technical Knowledge Tests Work


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