Online Case Study

Assess Your Candidates' Attitudes Towards Problems!

What is HRPeak Online Case Study?

HRPeak Online Case Study is an online advanced assessment tool that the candidates perform a specific scenario within the time limit, permits the assessment of analytical thinking, agile thinking, detail-oriented, decision-making, strategic viewpoint, and strategic planning abilities.

You may assess numerous abilities and behavioral indicators of your applicants using the HRPeak Online Case Study, as well as gain a sense of their presenting skills.

Why HRPeak Online Case Study?

Present the Data to Your Candidates, Assess Their Analysis!

With the HRPeak Online Case Study, you may assess your candidate's analysis, attitude toward the potential problem, solution techniques, and ability to communicate the ways they have devised in light of the facts presented in the scenarios you provide to your candidates.

You may guarantee that your candidates focus on the outcome by using case study scenarios that provide data that is clear of superfluous information, and you can build a more fluent and practical assessment procedure by limit the broad study topics.

Online Case Study Features

Reach the Most Appropriate Candidate with Pinpoint Scenarios!

Case Study is applied online and may be controlled, assessed, and completed by the assessor using the system.

Security checks may be given during the Case Study snapping pictures at regular intervals.

In compliance with GDPR / KVKK, your candidate's personal information and photographs collected saved in the system during the case study.

With Live Support, rapid technical support to the candidates throughout the process is provided.

How to Use HRPeak Case Study?

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