Online Case Study

Assess Your Candidates' Analysis and Presentation Skills!

What is HRPeak Online Case Study?

HRPeak Online Case Study is a Virtual Assessment Center tool in which candidates present their studies, that they have prepared by making calculations and analyzes on the situation in a certain scenario, within the time given to them.
HRPeak Online Case Study gives chance to assess many competencies such as analytical thinking, agility, detailed orientation, decision-making, and strategic perspective.
With HRPeak Online Case Study, you can assess your candidates' competencies with behavioral indicators, while also getting an idea about their presentation skills.

Why HRPeak Online Case Study

Assess the Analysis Prepared by Your Candidates in the Light of Critical Data!

With the HRPeak Online Case Study, you can assess your candidates' analysis, their behaviors towards the problem that may arise, their solution methods, and their presentation skills.
With HRPeak Online Case Study, you can assess the competencies of your candidates by examining the analyzes and other studies made by your candidates, and you can have an idea about their presentation skills by watching the videos they recorded.

Online Case Study Features

Reach the Most Appropriate Candidate with Pinpoint Scenarios!

Case Study is applied online and can be controlled, assessed, and concluded by the assessor through the system.

During the Case Study preparation process, security control can be provided by taking photos and videos at certain intervals.

The personal information of your candidates and the photos taken during the preparation of the Case Study exercise are stored in the system in accordance with GDPR / KVKK.

Instant technical support is provided to your candidates throughout the process.

How to Use HRPeak Case Study

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