Online Role Play

Assess your candidates in the most realistic way possible based on their real business life status.

What is Online Role Play?

HRPeak Online Role Play is an online sophisticated assessment tool in which an imaginary scenario is simulated, allowing you to observe how your applicants would react to certain business situations.

With HRPeak Online Role Play, you can assess your candidates based on the most realistic scenarios, assess the candidate's stress management and communication skills by observing the candidate's reaction to the system using the R2R feature, and learn about their functional and managerial competency levels.

Why HRPeak Online Role Play?

Let the System Respond, You Assess!

With the R2R function, you may assess how the candidate manages the issue that occurs when the system reacts to the candidate performing the specified scenario, her/his problem-solving skills in stressful situations, and her/his managerial competence.

With HRPeak's thorough assessment guide, you can objectively analyze the role-playing exercise, and you can be a one-on-one assessor of your recruiting process by watching the videos recorded wherever and whenever you choose.

Online Role Play Features

Find the Most Appropriate Candidate with Advanced Assessment!

Role Play is applied online and may be controlled, assessed, and completed by the assessor using the system.

Security checks may be given during the Role Play preparation process by snapping pictures at regular intervals.

In compliance with GDPR / KVKK, your candidate's personal information and photographs collected saved in the system during the role-playing process.

With Live Support, rapid technical support to the candidates throughout the process is provided.

How to Use HRPeak Online Role Play?

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