EKSEDRA (HRPEAK), established to bring the employee and the employer together, is a career site and counseling center that offers the employer services such as Employer Brand Counselling and Selection and Placement Counselling with experts in the field. EKSEDRA (HRPEAK) shows the same devotion to personal data as it shows to its own work field. In this respect, the company of EKSEDRA (HRPEAK) collects, preserves and, if necessary, deletes or anonymizes personal data in accordance with a.20, 6698 Personal Data Protection Law, related laws and any kind of secondary regulation, any general and special law like circular to regulate personal data. In accordance with law No. 6698, the company EKSEDRA (HRPEAK) (EKSEDRA (HRPEAK), Company) acts as the “Data Supervisor” in accordance with the guidelines contained in the law and legislation.
In accordance with the law, EKSEDRA (HRPEAK) operates in Emaar Square Heights operates at 32nd Floor Nr:3201 Uskudar/Istanbul with permission of the Turkish Employment Agency dated 03.07.2005 and numbered 37. As stated in the law, EKSEDRA (HRPEAK) is the "Data Supervisor".
EKSEDRA (HRPEAK), which engages in various activities to bring the worker and the employer together, is obliged to store and process personal data both as required by its legal obligations and in accordance with the service provided in relation to its work. By EKSEDRA (HRPEAK), your personal data;
• Public Procurement Law Legislation No. 4734
• Public Procurement Contracts Law No. 4735
• Labor Law No. 4857
• Stamp Tax Law No. 488
• Act On Fees No. 492
• Turkish Penal Code No. 5232
• Code of Criminal Procedure No. 5271
• To fulfill our obligations stated in the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 and the secondary regulations attached to this law,
• Corporate Tax Law No. 5520
• Law No. 5651 On The Regulation Of Internet Publications And The Fight Against Crimes Committed Through These Publications
• Electronic Communications Law No. 5809
• Turkish Code Of Obligations No. 6098
• Commercial Law No. 6102
• To fulfill our obligations stated in the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 6331 and in the secondary regulations attached to this law,
To comply with its provisions and;
• To fulfill our obligations stated in Labor Law No. 4857 and the secondary regulations attached to this law,
• To fulfill our obligations stated in the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 and the secondary regulations attached to this law,
• To fulfill our obligations stated in the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 6331 and in the secondary regulations attached to this law,
• To fulfill our obligations stated in the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 and in the secondary regulations attached to this law,
• To provide information needed by relevant public institutions, judicial or administrative judicial authorities and law enforcement authorities when necessary,
is processed within the framework of the limits set out in the law with its purposes, and in accordance with the law and the rules of integrity and in a manner that is always connected, limited and measured with these purposes.
Your personal data, for the purposes mentioned above and in accordance with the conditions stated in the article 8 and 9 of the law, can be transferred to natural and legal persons, to other authorized public institutions and organizations when needed, to the parties concerned in a contractual relationship, to judicial and administrative judicial authorities, law enforcement, to institutions and organizations we are in a business relationship, to outsourced counseling, technology and education companies that are allowed in the legislation.
EKSEDRA (HRPEAK) collects your data itself or through canonized natural or legal data processor persons by means such as e-mail, phone, website, various contracts, forms and official reports in paper from in oral, written or electronic form with automated and non-automated methods
In this context,;
Relevant Persons Group Collected Personal Data
Applicant Name-surname, identification-driver's license-passport information, gender, nationality, place of birth, date of birth, phone number, email address, address information, blood group, bank account information, marital status, military service information, education information, log records, head shots, health information, certifications, work experience, references, information regarding your family situation
Business owner Sensitive and general personal data in the type of name-surname, identification-passport information, gender, nationality, parent's names, year of birth, place of birth, marital status, education information, signature, phone number, e-mail address, head shot, address information, bank account information

are processed in accordance with 2/a-c-ç-e-f clauses of article 5 and paragraph 3 of article 6 of the Law, provided that it does not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms, and based on EKSEDRA (HRPEAK)'s legitimate interests, the legal reasons of contracts drawn up or that will be drawn up.

You can contact EKSEDRA (HRPEAK) anytime you like and you can;
• Learn whether your personal data is processed or not, the purpose of processing and whether it is used according to its purpose and you can inquire about it if it is processed,
• Learn about the third parties with whom your information is shared at home and abroad in accordance with the law,
• Request correction if you believe that your information is incomplete or improperly processed,
• Request that your information be deleted or destroyed in accordance with the terms set forth in article 7 of the law,
• Request that third parties to whom your information is transferred be notified of your requests as set forth in paragraphs (c) and (d) and perform the same actions,
• Object when your information has been analyzed by automated systems and it results against you, or you may request that it be removed if you believe that it has been recorded or used illegally and request compensation if you have suffered damages because of it.
To take advantage of your rights under the law, you can submit your applications to EKSEDRA (HRPEAK) in written form and visit the website of the Personal Data Protection Agency for detailed information.
In the application which you will form to use the aforementioned rights you own as the owner of personal data and which will include your explanations about the right you request to take advantage of, it is required that your request is clear and intelligible, that your request concerns you or that you submit your notary approved special power of attorney if you are acting on behalf of someone else.
It is obligatory according to "Notice on Application to the Data Supervisor Rules and Procedures" to include name-surname, signature, Turkish identification number, residence or workplace address, phone and fax numbers, and the request topic in your applications. Applications that do not contain the elements in question will be rejected by EKSEDRA (HRPEAK).
EKSEDRA (HRPEAK) reserves the right to change this public disclosure text for reasons arising from the law, secondary regulations and Board decisions. Changes to the public disclosure text and the current text will be effective immediately as of the date you are notified.

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